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Understanding a Slot Players Volatility Profile

Put another way, you may have to risk more on high volatility slots. If we go back to our original definition of volatility, you’ll remember that we’re talking about statistical averages here. So, with medium volatility slots, you can expect mid-sized payouts on a fairly regular basis. One final thing to note is that slots can be categorised as “medium-low” or “medium-high” as well as “medium”. Higher volatility slots pay out less frequently on average, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on a hot streak and win lots of time during a single session.

  • Keep this in mind when you play at recommended online slots sites such as 888Casino and LuckyLand Slots, the latter of which is a Social Casino site which means you can play for free.
  • Now, we’re not saying you can’t win big prizes with low volatility slots and small prizes with high volatility slots, you absolutely can.
  • To know a player’s volatility, marketing needs to know and understand the volatility of the machines the player likes to play.
  • For example, you might go 50 spins without hitting a win on low volatility slots.

It’s theoretical because the ratings are based on statistical averages from thousands of spins, meaning that volatility is an overarching rating. For this example, we will assume that data is known and in the system. Now it’s a choice to use either total games played or total handle (money wagered) to decide on what percentage of data you want to use for play reference.

Medium Volatility Slots

In the data collection, you want to be able to reference percentage minimums such as nothing lower than 15% of games played, this will help to weed out games they tried and did not like. Marketing has many avenues, and when we speak of slot machine marketing there are many focuses. One is the introduction of new games, and the second is ability to keep the interest of the player. There is at every marketing person’s fingertips information that allows them to profile the player, know the player, their likes and dislikes.

I am wondering if it is smart to have volatility zones on a casino floor or should it be randomised, i.e. placing a range of volatilities next to each other. It seems like a lot of this data is dependant on a good CMS system. From this, the players volatility scale needs to be created, where 12.76 is the center. From this number I recommend taking 33.33% and subtracting it from the 12.76, this becomes the lowest and add 33.33% to this number and this becomes the highest number.

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In many cases volatility is expressed by, “low, medium or high”. This simplistic defining scale is as detailed to say, "I wear a large shirt". I could wear a large shirt, but depending on the designer, it may fit tight or loose. Further, the sleeves may be too longer or too shorter for my arms, and the neck may be loose or tight; or it may fit just right. Getting it “just right” now becomes a low probability (less chance getting it right), as there are many attributes and variations to my fit.

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If the payout potential is lower but the wins come more often, the financial risk is lower. You need to base your decisions on whether you prefer high-risk or low-risk games. A low volatility slot has, on average, a high payout frequency. This means payouts hit more often than they do for medium and low volatility slots.

Similarly, you might hit 10 wins from 30 spins on high volatility slots. If you look at all of your sessions over time, you’ll see that the results move in a certain direction i.e. low volatility or high volatility. Many online casino players, especially newbies, tend to feel inclined to go straight to high variance games, thinking that the wait will be worth the reward. But the Random Number Generators behind the casino slots have “a mind” of their own, so finding out what type of variance suits you better might be a better start. Hello Darrin Pachman, we learned about your article "Understanding a Slot Players Volatility Profile" from, first of all thank you for bringing us such a good article. The current value is set according to the multiple of the maximum bet of each line of each double field.

Why Should You Play High Variance Slots?

So, what we can say is that high volatility slots don’t pay out very often but, when they do, the prizes are usually bigger than your bet (i.e. a greater than 100% return). The player’s volatility profile is a 12.76, this is calculated by the number of games played times the volatility of that game, then summing the totals (basically a weighted average). Higher volatility means that, in theory, the payouts you hit will be bigger than they would be in a low volatility slot. You can still win significant prizes from low volatility slots.

Secondly, you shouldn’t be betting more than you can afford to lose. Sticking to your bankroll limits allows you to have fun, regardless of whether you’re winning or not. You can use the information button inside a slot game to see what its volatility rating is. You can also look at the game’s RTP to get an idea of whether its volatility rating is high or low i.e. if the RTP percentage is high, it’s probably a low volatility slot. Something else you need to know is that volatility, just like a slots RTP value, is theoretical.

A high volatility slot is one that, overall, has a low payout frequency. This means payouts hit less often than they do for medium and low volatility slots. For example, you might go 50 spins without hitting a win on low volatility slots.

As it’s not one of the characteristics which can be expressed with a single number, providers use to classify a slot machine as being “Low”, “Medium”, or “High” Variance/Volatility. This value determines the frequency with which a video slot will release wins. Finding the best volatility slots all depends on personal preferences, situations and timing. You might be in the mood to play for big payouts, or you might be happy to stack up lots of little wins. The best thing you can do is understand the nature of volatility and how it applies to casino gaming.

The average value of the payout is lower than it is in higher volatility games. You should now know that volatility is based on how often, in theory, reel rush slots a slot machine pays out money and how much those prizes are worth on average. Higher volatility means you might have to wait longer to win a prize.

High Volatility Slots

The high return line is 300 times the maximum single line bet of the current room multiple. 200 times the maximum single-line bet, using the medium return bonus configuration, when the current single-line bet is 100 times the maximum single-line bet, use the low-profile return line. I think this is not accurate enough, how should we test the accuracy of the values and the correct fluctuation control method. The counterpoint to lower payout frequencies is that, once you do hit a win, the average value is higher than it is for other types of slot game.

Note, the words in BOLD are information pulled from the data base to be entered into the form. This example "player’s volatility evaluation" is one of the hardest to target since they play a large spread of volatility index games on a consistent basis. If we look at where 12.76 falls from the four samples above, it falls in line with the lowest number of games played (3,820). This becomes an issue as the lowest volatility game is 4.03 and the highest is 3.69 points away respectively. All of these variables work together to determine a slot’s payout potential.

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